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Fáilte! I'm Captain Cillian® an Irish explorer who loves exploring the seas and oceans.

Captain Cillian is an Irish seafaring explorer who takes children on a learning adventure around Ireland. The books are packed with Irish and Ocean facts, with key Irish words from the stories and their phonetic sounds. Readers get a real sense of our coastline and what lies beneath and on the seashore with this fun Irish seafaring character.

Pop up facts emerge in each adventure story: Explore Ireland; Discover Ocean Facts; Learn Irish; Create & Play. At the end of each story is a workbook with activities.

These are a beautifully illustrated picture books and learning workbooks for young children.

In May 2018, Captain Cillian was awarded an All Star Accreditation for Childrens Education Through Irish. In 2017, Captain Cillian was a finalist for an all Ireland Marketing Award, top five Irish product ideas in Ireland!

Written by Carina Ginty :: Designed by John O’Connor :: ​From Galway by the Sea, Ireland.

Surfing Adventure

Captain Cillian™ sets sail for Strandhill in County Sligo to visit his cousin Ciara. Together with his shipmates Pirate Ben, Polly Parrot and Freddy Monkey they explore the beach and learn how to surf. Will they find Ciara’s house? What do they learn about the waves and surfing? Who do they meet in the water and what is shining brightly in the sky?

Stormy Sea Adventure

Captain Cillian™ sets sail from Dingle in County Kerry on a bright sunny morning. The day is just perfect and then suddenly he encounters bad weather. Together with his shipmates Polly Parrot and Freddy Monkey, he must craft a plan and steer the ship away from the dangerous waters. Will they succeed? Where will they land? Will Dolphin Rian help save the day?

Pirates Ahead Adventure

In Pirates Ahead Adventure, Captain Cillian™ and friends set sail from surfing town, Bundoran in County Donegal. They sail along the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland and the Northern Ireland coastline. Along the way they encounter Pirates, Poison, Cannon Balls, Bridges and Treasure. Who will win the battle with the North Sea Pirates? What Giant will they find and where will the ship land?

Hidden Caves Adventure

Captain Cillian™ sets sail from Galway to County Clare in search of caves and hidden treasure. Along the way he meets mermaid Zara and his best buddy Pirate Ben. Together with his shipmates Polly Parrot and Freddy Monkey they explore the Cliffs of Moher and discover a secret passage way. Deep in the caves they encounter trouble. Will they survive? Will they find treasure? Who will save the day?